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Welcome to Linktune® - A mobile jukebox app and universal music player!

Instead of your friends always asking you to play a song or trying to take control of the music, you can start a Linktune session where they can add any song from any source to the playlist using their phones and save songs they like! If you get tired of being the DJ you can pass control to others!

Linktune gives you the ability to search all music sources at once to find any song and combines your playlists and libraries from other music services – no more switching between music apps! You can create playlists using different sources and share songs and playlists with friends even if they don’t have the same music service.

Linktune makes it incredibly easy to share and discover new music whether you are at a party, carpooling, or just listening on your own.

What can Linktune do for you?


  • Friends can view your playlist and send any song from their phones to your playlist
  • As the host you won't be bothered with song requests
  • Discover new music and save it on your Linktune account


  • Universal search to find any song
  • All your playlists from different music services in one app
  • Song matching to share music with everyone

When starting a Linktune Session allow upvoting to determine the order of songs in the playlist.

Auto Approve

Turn off automatic approval when starting a linktune session if you want to approve songs from others before they are submitted in the playlist.

Locked Playlist

Only want someone who has control to add songs? Turn on ‘Locked Playlist’ when starting a Linktune session so that others can’t add songs.


Save Linktune Session playlists or individual songs to your Linktune library. Search and follow others to see their past linktune sessions they have created/joined and listen to those playlists to discover new songs. Follow your friends’ public playlists to see new music they are adding or join collaborative playlists.

Pro Share

Share songs with others who do not have Linktune. You can text, email or post songs and if someone doesn’t have Linktune it will play on their desired or default music app.

Linktune App
Download the App today and start creating and sharing playlists with everyone.
Linktune is a quick and easy installation. Just follow the step-by-step instructions after download.
Find answers to the question you may have.
Why does a different song play for others when I send it to them, add it to a collaborative playlist, or add it to a linktune session?

Linktune uses a matching process that allows people to share songs between music services to find the closest match. Some songs may not match correctly, but we continually work to improve this process.

I have Spotify Premium, but when searching songs to add to a Linktune session the Spotify search results don’t show?

This means that the Linktune Host does not have a Spotify Premium account. The search field in ‘Add a Track’ always displays the search results based on the Host’s music services to reduce any matching errors. However, you can still submit songs from your Spotify playlists by toggling to ‘My Music’ in ‘Add a Track’.

If the Host has Spotify Premium and you do not, this means that Spotify search results will display for you even though you do not have Spotify.

I did not connect to Youtube, but I am able to use it?

By default everyone has access to YouTube when they create a Linktune account. Connecting to YouTube only brings in your playlists.

What is the difference between Collaborative Playlists and Linktune Sessions?

Collaborative playlists are used when people are not listening to one speaker system together and each person can listen to different songs at different times. Linktune sessions are specialized for group dynamics when listening to one speaker system.

I have iTunes Match so why can’t I see my library and playlists?

So far Linktune only brings in songs that you have physically downloaded from your iTunes library to your phone.

Can I only share songs with others who have Linktune?

No! You can text, email or post any song and someone who doesn’t have Linktune will be able to open it using other music apps.

Does Linktune require a WIFI, Bluetooth or special connection?

Linktune only requires an internet connection by any method, including a data connection such as LTE or 4G. So as long as you have good service it will work.

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